Valid from 1th of January, 2016.

Ticket prices

Admission fees include the use of saunas, steambath, pools, salt room, tepidarium, and dressing cabins!

I. Weekdays

Adult ticket for whole day3.900 Ft
Adult ticket for 3 hours3.500 Ft
Pensioners and students for whole day3.200 Ft
Pensioners and students for 3 hours2.400 Ft
Children for whole day (6 – 14 years)1.800 Ft

II. Weekend, Holidays

Adult ticket for whole day4.500 Ft
Adult ticket for 3 hours3.900 Ft
Pensioners and students for whole day3.600 Ft
Pensioners and students for 3 hours2.900 Ft
Children for whole day (6 – 14 years)2.000 Ft

III. Discount tickets (Can not combined with other discount)

Mondays pensioner all day ticket2.000 Ft
Tuesdays man all day ticket2.600 Ft
Wednesdays public servants, civil servants (soldiers) all day ticket2.400 Ft
Thursdays lady guests all day ticket2.600 Ft
Friday for pairs (1 woman-1 man)2.600 Ft
1,5 hour ticket2.000 Ft

Under age 6 the entry is free! Families (2 adult + min. 1 child) receive 10% discount from tickets.

Pass for 10 times (weekdays and weekends can be used)

All day season ticket for adults:37.000 Ft
Adult 3 hours season ticket:33.000 Ft
Pensioner/student all day season ticket:28.600 Ft
Pensioner/student 3 hours season ticket:22.200 Ft
“1.5 hour” season ticket:20.000 Ft
3 month unlimited season ticket (name needed)35.000 Ft
6 month unlimited season ticket (name needed)68.000 Ft


30 minutes massage

  • Senior massage (upper limb,shoulder, neck)
  • Manager massage
  • Swedish back massage
  • Bamboo back massage
  • Refreshing foot massage
  • Aromatherapy massage (optional: lavander, lemon, peppermint, rosemary, cinnamon, camomile, masseuse offers)
3.800 Ft
 45 minutes massage

  • Bamboo back massage
  • Lower limb massage
  • Back, shoulder, neck massage
  • Anti-cellulite massage
  • Aromatherapy massage (optional: lavander, lemon, peppermint, rosemary, cinnamon, camomile, masseuse offers)
5.200 Ft
60 minutes Swedish full body massage

6.500 Ft

Massage season ticket

3 for a 30 minutes massage9.500 Ft
3 for a 45 minutes massage12.700 Ft
3 for a 60 minutes massage15.900 Ft
5 for a 30 minutes massage14.900 Ft
5 for a 45 minutes massage19.900 Ft
5 for a 60 minutes massage25.100 Ft
10 for a 30 minutes massage27.900 Ft
10 for a 45 minutes massage37.600 Ft
10 for a 60 minutes massage47.200 Ft

You have to book an appointment on +36 22/814-400

Other services

Rent of bath towel600 Ft
Rent of bathrobe1.200 Ft
Rent of sauna towel200, 400 Ft
Chess300 Ft / hour
Fridge magnet150 Ft

Shopping vouchers:

We offer shopping vouchers worth 3000 Ft and 5000 Ft which can be used up to the entrance ticket and massage.

au-3000 au-5000

Packages for 1 person

Janicsar Package7.100 Ft
Csajos Package11.650 Ft
Szulejmnn Package12.400 Ft

csomag_nokifuto-03     csomag_nokifuto-07


Packages for 2 persons

Relax Pair Package  12.600 Ft
Relax Thai Pair Package14.620 Ft
Relax Plus Pair package16.400 Ft
Wedding Package22.900 Ft

csomag_nokifuto-05     csomag_nokifuto-04


The validity of the packages is 6 months.

For using massage service, take a time on +36 22/814-400.


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