The quality of the water in our pools are officially checked every month, and the test reports are available at our reception and it’s accessible for everybody.
Turkish bath:
The Turkish bath, situated at the heart of the spa palace, is now functioning as a sedentary pool decorated with mosaics. From it’s pleasant and enjoyable water, guests can enjoy the wonderful view of the restored dome in its contemporary beauty.

Temperature: 33-37°C

Water depth: 0.8 m


Sponge-shaped pool:

The sponge-shaped pool is located in the new part of the building and functions as an adventure pool for the spa. The back and waist massagers and groomers can be refreshing for the body of the guests.

Temperature: 33-36°C

Water depth: 0.9 m

Arabic and Turkish whirlpool:

The two small built-in hydromassage baths on either side of the entrance to the Turkish bath- the Turkish and Arabic Hot Tubs- operate as an experience section of the Turkish Bath.

Temperature: 33-37°C

Water depth: 0.8 m

Horseshoe pool:
The arched pool is located next to the Turkish Bath. Between the walls decorated with carved lion heads, the mosaic-tiled pool is a real masterpiece for the spa.
Temperature: 33-36°C
Water depth: 0.9 m
Splashing/diving pools:
In the newly built Sauna World, an outdoor and an indoor lounge pool serve cold refershments after a sauna.
Temperature: 12-14°C
Water depth: 1 m
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