Swedish classic and authentic Thai massage is also available in our spa.

Swedish massage  

Our masseuses : Zsanett és Fanni


How to book an appointment? Please call our central phone +36 22/814-400. 

Fresh swedish back-massage, 30 minutes:

The treatment is especially for the neck, shoulder and the back, dissolving spasmodic muscles in the bodyparts, which are mentioned before. It relieves headaches, numbness and cramps, also it’s a mental refreshment. It’s especially recommended for sedentary workers and for computer workers.

Fresh swedish massage, 45 minutes:

This treatment is for the whole body, it enhances the blood circulation, improves digestion, reduces pain and prevents unused muscles from atrophy. The treatment can also relaxes the muscles and relieves stress, stimulates lymphatic circulation and strengthes the immune system.

Fresh swedish massage, 60 minutes:

This full body massage can show positive effects on the body. As a result, the muscles of the body relax. This type of massage itself is refreshing and energizing, relieves tension, stress and muscle aches. In addition, it enhances metabolism, helps regeneration processes in the human body. Improves muscle performance, condition and general well-being.

Thai massage

The Thai massage is operating as a separate unit, click on the link and learn more

Book an appointment: 06-70-433-7982



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