The meaning of the word: „warm shelter”

Lying on the 30-35 degree floor laid with mosaic tile, heats up the colder parts of the body without sweating, thus improving blood circulation.

This place can also be enjoyed by those, who cannot use the benefits of steam or saunas, due to various diseases. Stress dissolves in the pleasant warmth, we calm down and even strengthen the immune system. This general regenerating room has a good effect on the heart, strengthens the heart muscles but does not burden the body. In the tepidarium, the body releases as much heat as it absorbs, thus gently detoxifying the body. It is as suitable for prevention as it is for cure, and it’s effect is most similar to that of a beneficial fever. It is worth taking up to half an hour to get through the spirit, to switch it off completely, and everyone can set the upper limits as they wish. You can also choose it as a place for a friendly or a business chat.

Aromatherapy in the tepidarium:

In the tepidarium, our colleagues tend to evaporate various esssential oils ( peppermint, lavender, lemon, oil, etc.) in small vials, so we can have a calming effect on our body through another sensory organ.




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