Rules in the sauna

Code of conduct in the sauna:

1. It is compulsory to use a sauna towel, no part of the body may get in direct contact with the benches!
2. Shoes must be left outside the sauna!
3. The body must be dry when entering the sauna!
4. Food and drinks are not allowed!
5. Do not sweep your sweat on others or onto the benches!
6. It is compulsory to take a shower before entering the sauna!
7. It is prohibited to spray the stones excessively, and use the essential oils without dilution!
8. It is not allowed to leave the sauna during an Aufguss-session, except if you do not feel well!
9. It is not not allowed to speak loudly, as it may disturb the other guests!
10. It is strictly forbidden to visit the sauna after consumption of alcohol!
11. The recommended time of stay must be kept!

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