The sauna session of Árpád Spa

Beer session:

The Saunamaster adds beer to the water, which produces a scent similar to that of baked bread. E- and D-vitamins are released from the beer which give the skin a silky touch.

Ice flower session:

Eucalyptus oil or peppermint oil is used during this Aufguss-session. The eucalyptus is a mentholated, fresh scent, an excellent remedy for cough, bronchitis, inflammation of the sphenoid sinuses, herpes simplex, fever, and inflammations of the urinary tract. The eucalyptol content of the essential oil helps liquefy and deplete abnormal mucus in the respiratory tract, improves its patency. Peppermint is also a fresh, mentholated fragrance, excellent antispasmodic, relieves nausea, menstrual pain and has a refreshing effect.

Salt session:

Here, the sweating body is rubbed with sea salt which is dispensed by a Saunamaster. This helps get rid of swollen and dead skin cells, so 3 million sweat glands become much more active. It is advised to take part in a honey session afterwards.

Honey session:

The combined effects of heat in the steam room and the acacia honey help the skin breathe freely, become silky and revive after honey is put all over the body.

King’s session:
Special offer of the Spa. A Saunamaster pours two buckets of water (instead of the usual one) onto the stove, increasing the amount of steam and feeling of extreme heat. It causes more intensive perspiration and excretion. This treatment requires high endurance. In the extreme environment the scented mixture of essential oils from citrus fruits gives a pleasant feeling.

Aphrodite session:

Myrtle oil is used during this session. Therapeutic applications of the essential oil include respiratory diseases of various seriousness, and skin complaints. This essential oil is used for cosmetic purposes as well.

Oriental sesssion:

Sandalwood oil or ylang-ylang oil is used during this session. Sandalwood is a gentle, warm fragrance. It is perfect against sore throat, respiratory problems, eczema, and dry skin. Ylang-ylang has an intoxicating, sweet scent. It has soothing, soul-balancing and refreshing effects. In addition, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects are expected to appear during its therapeutic use.