Admission to the Árpád Spa Sauna world is included in an all-day ticket! Please have a look at what the Sauna world has to offer!

Finnish sauna

The word sauna derives from the Finnish “savu” (smoke). It is a form of bathing, which has been widely known in Finland for centuries: at lakesides and riversides, along the coastal area of the Baltic Sea bays small bathhouses can be seen everywhere. The sauna is in fact the repeated process of heating-up in the hot, dry air in the hot room and then cooling off in the open air or in cold water. Heating and cooling follow each other and this procedure is often called “sauna session”. It is worthwhile repeating this process at least once but experienced sauna fans do three „sauna sessions”. Originally, the temperature in a Finnish sauna is 40-100°C, and the recommended period of stay is 8-12 minutes (max. 15 minutes), and 6-8 minutes for children. Being in the sauna grants people genuine physical, spiritual regeneration, a better mood, increased performance, and it aids purification and internal detoxification of the body. It clearly improves body functions, especially the heart and blood circulation.

Infrared sauna

Infrared sauna uses infrared radiation to cause an intensive feeling of heat in the body tissues. Despite the lower air temperature you sweat because of the intensive infrared radiation. The temperature of the infrared sauna is tolerable (40-45°C). The infrared sauna strengthens the immune system, increases detoxification and has perfect effect on the skin.


Steam bath

In a steam bath, the temperature is only 40-50°C but humidity can reach 80%. In the humid steam perspiration is slower and less burdensome. The effects are similar to those of the Finnish sauna. Sweat pores widen and clear, the secretion of the sebaceous glands increases, blood circulation becomes livelier, muscles relax, the catarrh of the mucous membranes is relieved. In addition, it has a perfect relaxation effect, and is especially good for people who suffer from sleep disorder.


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